Affordable eco friendly places to stay around the world

There’s a misconception that sustainable travel requires a hefty budget, but in reality, there are numerous affordable and eco-conscious places that offer a comfortable stay without harming the planet. Whether it’s a boutique hostel or a cozy retreat in the heart of nature, these places do more than provide shelter — they offer an experience deeply rooted in sustainability. Here are our best affordable eco friendly places to stay around the world.

Abode Bombay, Mumbai, India

Affordable eco friendly places to stay: Abode Bombay

Tucked away in the bustling city of Mumbai, Abode Bombay stands out as an oasis of tranquility and sustainability. The hotel uses reclaimed materials in its construction and has a focus on reducing water and energy consumption. A stay at Abode means you will be treated to a cultural experience that champions local artisans and food producers, helping to foster a deep connection to the city and its communities. With an artsy vibe and a commitment to ethical tourism, Abode Bombay is a beacon for the eco-conscious traveller seeking an affordable yet enriching stay.

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Macal River Camp, Belize

Macal River Camp

Nestled in the heart of Belize’s lush rainforest, the Macal River Camp is the perfect affordable eco friendly place to stay for nature lovers seeking an off-grid experience. The camp’s eco-friendly ethos is evident in its minimalistic design and its use of solar power for electricity. Guests can unwind with various eco-activities like birdwatching, river cruises, and hiking. The onsite farm-to-table restaurant ensures meals are not only delicious but also sourced sustainably. The camp offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from modern life at an affordable price, reconnecting with nature and sharing a space with howler monkeys and exotic birds.

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Red Rocks, Musanze, Rwanda

Red Rocks Rwanda

Red Rocks Rwanda combines the principles of ecological tourism with community development to create a sustainable platform for travellers. The homestay and cultural centre are located near the famous Volcanoes National Park. They offer various affordable lodging options including camping, bunkhouses, and private rooms. The venue hosts numerous community-based activities, showcasing local culture, and promoting environmental education. By staying at Red Rocks, travellers positively contribute to the local community and environment.

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Arakan Nature Lodge, Myanmar

Affordable eco friendly places to stay: Arakan Nature Lodge

Arakan Nature Lodge is a hidden gem in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The lodge’s commitment to conservation and responsible tourism is evident in its operations. It uses electricity generated from solar panels and a water management system that minimizes waste. Guests can enjoy a range of outdoor activities including forest trekking, bird watching, and relaxing by the scenic lake. Delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients complement the affordable, rustic accommodation.

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Mutanda Eco Community Lodge, Uganda

Mutanda Community Eco Lodge

High in the hills of Uganda, Mutanda Eco Community Lodge offers stunning views of the Virunga Volcanoes and Lake Mutanda. The lodge sources locally-made materials for its cottages and powers them entirely off-the-grid, utilizing solar energy. It also partners with the local community to promote sustainable tourism and supports initiatives such as reforestation and waste management. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities, including canoeing, cultural walks, and gorilla trekking. By enjoying the tranquil beauty of Uganda, guests directly contribute to the conservation and development efforts of the local community.

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Leshiba Wilderness, South Africa

Leshiba Wilderness

Perched on the Soutpansberg mountain range, Leshiba Wilderness is a true African escape. The lodge operates off-grid and focuses on conserving the surrounding environment. With a variety of affordable accommodation options such as thatched chalets and traditional huts, Leshiba offers a unique cultural experience intertwined with nature. Here, guests can partake in ecologically sensitive activities, such as guided meditation at secluded rock pools, hiking ancient terrains, and learning about the local Venda culture and traditions.

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Camp Hornbill, Kerala, India

Affordable eco friendly places to stay: Camp Hornbill

Immersed in the spice-scented forests of Thekkady, Camp Hornbill is a birdwatcher’s paradise and an eco traveller’s delight. The camp centres its ethos around conservation and community, designing all structures using local resources and labour. Solar power heaters provide guests with hot water while ensuring energy efficiency. Take part in guided treks led by members of the local community, who have expert knowledge of the region’s flora and fauna. The camp offers comfortable, affordable eco friendly places to stay without compromising on the quality of the eco-experience.

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel, California, USA

Affordable eco friendly places to stay: Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hotel

Even in the dollar-hungry USA, you can find affordable eco friendly places to stay. The historic Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel overlooks the crashing Pacific Ocean waves on the coast of California. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, coastal hiking trails here, and perhaps even a glimpse of migrating whales. Hostelling International, a network dedicated to promoting sustainable travel runs Pigeon Point. Dormitory-style and private rooms provide a budget-friendly option for travellers wanting to explore the untamed beauty of the California coastline. The hostel also carries out various initiatives to minimize its ecological impact, such as water conservation and energy-efficient lighting.

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