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Elephant Hills is a leader in sustainable tourism in Thailand, having won several awards for its environmental and social initiatives. The resort operates on solar power and uses biodegradable products wherever possible. It also minimizes waste by recycling, composting and donating excess food to local schools. The resort also supports various conservation projects in the area, such as planting trees, monitoring wildlife populations and rehabilitating injured animals. One of its most notable achievements is the establishment of the Elephant Conservation Project, which aims to protect the wild elephants of Khao Sok National Park from poaching and habitat loss. Elephant Hills is not only a resort but also a social enterprise that empowers local communities through education, employment and development. The resort employs over 100 local staff members who receive fair wages, training and benefits. It also sources most of its products and services from local suppliers and farmers who practice organic farming. The resort also supports several schools in the area by providing scholarships, books, uniforms and equipment. Additionally, the resort organizes cultural exchange programs where guests can visit local villages and learn about their traditions and lifestyles.
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